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Being in Love with 'Jekyll and Hyde'

Jekyll and Hyde is a character (or would I say characters, Lol) from Robert L. Stevenson's book (novella) Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Dr Henry Jekyll is good while Mr Edward Hyde is evil -- two personalities living within one person. When someone is referred to as a Jekyll and Hyde, it means the person is both good and evil/bad depending on which part shows up. Though the novella is fictional, split personality is a reality. In Psychology,  it is called Dissociative Identity Disorder. 

Loving someone with such split personality must be very tough. I can only imagine the emotional rollercoaster that comes with such relationships...what is most dreadful is the uncertainty of it all. Not knowing 'who' is showing up on a particular day or hour...way too much unpredictability. We all want to have some room to predict what will happen next especially in matters that concern us. 

From a non-psychopathological perspective, some people occasionally experience a semblance of the uncertainties of a Jekyll and Hyde in their relationships (with partners who switch moods from being cool to being cantankerous)...they flip (every so often) sending shivers down your spine and a few minutes or hours later they  act nicely. You can't make headway because of the stagnancy of such behaviours. This is tough. Very tough. My heart goes out to those caught in such relationships.  You deserve love and care just as your partner deserves love and care...get them help. In a spirit of love, encourage them to seek professional help -- this is the kind of love you need to offer them. Giving up on them is not necessarily the way to go neither is soaking in the pain, you might break down...the person who offers care also needs care.

Image Credit: Alamy Stock Photo 

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