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HRM:Changing the Errand Boy Narrative

In two of my opinion editorials on Businessday titled Designing Robust HRM-Strategies, and HRM:Thinking Beyond Micro Issues, I made it clear how big and strategic human resource management (HRM) is. A profession beyond preparing employment letters and payroll. Sadly, this is what some employers think HRM is about. Some (perhaps most) see HRM practitioners as errand boys. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary, the term errand boy is ''often used figuratively to criticize people by suggesting that they are controlled by someone more powerful''. The description almost befits the word puppet. Well...

I do understand that HRM is still an evolving profession in Nigeria nonetheless it is no excuse to be comfortable with the errand boy narrative. For starters, there is no organization that can function effectively without a coordinated approach and plan to effectively and efficiently manage her human capital. Also, no robust corporate strategy is complete without a human resource management strategy. HRM is bigger than the narrative some employers and professionals weave. Believe you me when I say the profession is huge. 

To change the warped errand boy narrative, there is need to keep our eyes on the big picture and constantly show how HRM functions redound to overall performance of organizations. Sometimes, the blend of HRM and Administration in a somewhat skewed manner where administrative duties seem more preponderant reinforces this faulty narrative. Let us move beyond the status quo and show how HRM mixes well with businesses...how indispensable a profession it is. We have to show that it is a profession (and a department in organizations) that must have a seat at the board...it must have a voice and that voice must count. Make it count, we will. 

Image Credit:Google Images 

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