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HRM: For Those With Genuine Interest in People

A lot has been said about human resource management - whether it's about the business or about people. Also, there are talks about the different HR functions - the topical areas and other details that make them up. This is great but let's not neglect one fundamental point, which is, professions are beyond avenues for making money - they are magnets for people with interests that resonates with the spirits of those professions. At the core of the human resource management profession is a desire to bring out the best in people in ways that are beneficial to organizations, the individuals themselves and the larger society. 

To stand out in the profession transcends bagging thousands of certificates - it is about how well you manage people. How humane you are in the discharge of your duties. You cannot fake this for long, time will reveal whether you have a genuine interest in people.

It is important to mention that this post is not an attempt to promote softness and weakness as it pertains people management. Overindulgence is actually a disservice to humans. Experts in human behaviour (human resource management professionals inclusive) understand that to manage people, basically, requires a balance of rewards and punishment - even the way this is done could also reveal how genuine your interest in people are. 

As we continue this human resource management journey, let's always endeavour to see people for what they really are, humans. Humans deserving of a certain level of treatment below which is unacceptable. Remember two things: you cannot fake your interest in people for too long, it is either genuine or it's not. The way you treat people is a reflection of the value you place on humanity which you are part of.

Image Credit: Google Images

Adigwe Jude

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