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Loving After Being Hurt

Loving after being hurt is tough. This  is true if the pain was intense...doubt, despair, fear eat at you as the day glides by. Sometimes your capacity to love is questioned to the extent that your spectacles are no longer rose coloured. Between you, me and the gatepost, loving after being hurt is tough. 

Despite how tough it is to love after being hurt, there is hope, maybe just a glimmer. There is hope if the one who is hurt is willing to put in the effort needed to rise above the painful experience. Interestingly, the one who is hurt is in a position to love better if he or she can get to that point of healing and embracing love again.

It is important to keep in mind that what happens between when the hurtful experience took place and the next outing (i.e. the next love relationship) determines a lot -- it determines how well prepared you are to love again. Grieve. Talk. Reflect. Get rid of or reduce the mental and emotional biases (you have about love and relationships) caused by the hurtful experience. Give love another try -- baby steps of faith and hope is what you need because there'd be occasional flashbacks that might diminish your resolve to press on. When this happens, don't fret rather keep at it one day at a time feeling rest assured that you are on the right path. Easy does it. Always remember that loving after being hurt is a sign of courage.

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