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Making the Best of Conflicts

Many times we frown at conflicts or even avoid them completely because of how much they drain us. The fireworks, emotional rollercoasters, and the negative energy is just too much to deal with. This is understandable. That said, it is important to keep in mind that conflicts could be functional and instrumental. 

Conflict reveals ineffective communication and our dislikes (and indirectly, the things we crave for).  It is a rough path to a mutual understanding that is deep. Moments like this require patience to hear one's partner out and see things through his or her eyes while he or she does same.

This may involve some back-and-forth which may be draining but the reality is that you are inching closer to a resolution that is lasting and mutually beneficial. 

We can endeavour to turn conflicts in our relationships into opportunities for growth. This would require commitment on the part of both partners -- commitment despite the pains involved in the process of reaching a deep understanding. There is nothing wrong in having conflicts (once in a while) because we are still individuals. What is wrong is being perpetually disagreeable. Let's endeavour to always compromise or collaborate because these approaches make the best of conflicts in relationships. 

Image Credit: Google Images

Adigwe Jude

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