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Networking Across Departments: A Key HRM Skill

The human resource management (HRM) profession is strategic because of the effective and efficient management of human capital of organizations to achieve business objectives -- this overall strategic objective cannot be possible without a harmonious working relationship with other departments in  organizations. HRM professionals must acknowledge that their objectives, to a large extent, can only be realized through strong networks across departments. These networks should  not rest solely on formal arrangements, leverage on the informal networks too to get things done. 

There is need for good working relationships (i.e.network) with line managers and department heads because some of the human resource management related functions (eg. performance management, disciplinary actions, coaching, training et cetera) are carried out by line managers. Also, there is need to have cordial working relationships with non-managerial employees. Perish the idea that ''HR is not your friend'' that makes you keep a straight face and walk around the organization like a demigod. Those who understand the intricacies of organizational dynamics know that to get things done, you need some spice of friendliness...sometimes, you have to get past all the lengthy official mails, take a walk, lean towards  the table and have a light friendly chat while you chip in the message you wish to pass across. That being said, it is important to know where to draw the line. Balance is key. 

So long as human resource management (HRM) remains a profession about people, you cannot help but network with others within your organization to get things done...these people within your organization make up different departments. Lest I forget, this skill is one that makes you experience minimal or no conflicts and increases your productivity. Don't spend 9-5 (each week) in your swivel chair with your face cast in an intelligent frown and your eyes fixed on your computer developing eternal templates or frameworks...make out time to lubricate and strengthen those formal and informal networks. 

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