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Refreshing and Respectful Conversations with your Partner

Have you ever had a conversation for 4 straight hours without feeling bored nor tired and completely oblivious of the passage of time? If you have you'd know how sweet an experience it is especially when contrasted with a 10-minute conversation that was a struggle. Those kind of conversations are more refreshing when had with your partner. You know that kind of conversation that reluctantly ends at 2am after talking for 5 hours. Well, it is not how long the conversation lasts rather it's how refreshing and respectful it was. 

In relationships, conversations between partners ought to be refreshing and respectful. There should be this joy that comes from talking to each other while doing chores, driving, cooking, washing, bathing, even while having sex. There should be that sweet feeling from talking about anything and everything. Listen with your ears and eyes and talk with your lips, eyes and gentle touches. Such sweet conversations would be respectful when no one talks down at the other or rudely interrupts the other or even picks up his or her phone to chat with someone else. Sometimes you have to ditch the phones and focus on the conversation as you both explore each other's mind and feelings.

Conversations between partners oil the wheels of relationships. It keeps relationships alive. Having refreshing and respectful conversations does not imply the absence of quarrels, there would be disagreements from time to time nonetheless they shouldn't last long and shouldn't be more than healthy dialogues. That said, it is important to note that you can't have refreshing and respectful conversations if you are not open-minded and courteous.  The good news is that this can be achieved through consistent efforts. Give it your best shot and watch your relationship blossom. 

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