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Age in Relationships: Does it Really Matter?

This is one topic that always triggers a debate. These debates could get quite intense. You have those who feel that (in relationships) men must be older than women; you have those who feel indifferent about it (it could be either ways for all they care). Listening to both sides, you can't help but appreciate the merits of their unique perspectives.

The preference for men to be older in relationships is one that is deeply rooted in culture -- a man is head of a relationship, he should be older. Beyond culture, some talk about ageing (how women age faster) hence the need for men to be older. Furthermore, some talk about the need for respect and how easy it is to respect men who are older. Well, we can't dismiss these reasons if it means so much to some people. Nevertheless, we can make attempts to look at the matter conversely.

Do older men guarantee happiness and fulfilment in relationships? Do older ladies diminish happiness and fulfilment in relationships? Should we respect people only because they are older than us? Do women ALWAYS age faster than their partners?

While age means a lot to some people, it is important to understand that it isn't a guarantee of success or happiness in relationships. We must keep in mind that in healthy relationships there is a full dose of mutual respect independent of age. The individual not societal norms should be considered first when choosing a partner...does he or she make you happy, feel inspired and respected regardless of age?

I think that age wouldn't matter if we are capable of questioning, rising above this norm and living...if we are capable of coming to terms with the idea that our relationships should first be good for us and not for others (society)...if we are capable of becoming insulated to the open or disguised criticisms that follow such decisions.

What do you think?

Image Credit: Google Images

Adigwe Jude

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