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The Relationship Journey

Thursdays are for throwbacks, this is a throwback post. Relationship is like life's journey. In life, it shines and rains. On some days, it not only shines, it scorches. Also, on other days, it not only rains, it pours heavily.

Some nights are longer (and darker) while some days are shorter (and brighter) and vice versa. Bottomline is that there are variations -- smooth and rough, tough and easy moments. Amidst these, somehow we keep on journeying hopefully.

As stated above, relationship is like life's journey. Some days are destined to be dark and tough like other days that are bright and easy. Through it all we've to stay committed. Commitment through thick and thin -- that is what it means to have a true and meaningful relationship.

Image Credit: Google Images

Adigwe Jude

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