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The Indispensability of People Management Skills for Top Management

Top management of organizations are those vested with the responsibility of setting corporate goals and designing strategies that guide the activities of the entire organization. They (i.e CEOs, CFOs, directors et cetera) are held responsible for the overall performance of organizations. Some organizations are typically divided into three management levels: top level management, mid-level management and low-level management. Flat organizations have no mid-level management.

Though top management are not directly involved in the day-to-day running of organizations, they require people management skills to function in their positions. People management skills like effective communication, leadership, emotional intelligence, conflict resolution et cetera. are nonnegotiable for top management of organizations. 

They require these skills in their engagements during goals setting, strategy formulation  and all the back-and-forths involved. To reach a consensus at that level requires good people management skills. Also, to engage with mid-level management requires good people management skills. 

To assume that executive presence, ability to craft solid goals and strategies in addition to having solid networks suffices for exceptional performance at that level is to miss the point. Insofar as top management work with people at their level and the level beneath theirs, they require people management skills. They need to understand the dynamics of getting along with others and getting the best out of others to achieve set goals which (in the end) redound to their performance. Truth be told, at that level people management skills should be nonnegotiable and should be assessed regularly. 

Do you agree? 

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