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Vulnerability and Depth

It's throwback Thursday.  Lets talk about vulnerability and depth.  What is love without vulnerability? What is depth without vulnerability? Many times we claim to love yet we avoid every opportunity to be vulnerable with the ones we love. We fail to to realize that we can't truly love without being vulnerable.

We are vulnerable when we strip ourselves and let others see us the way we truly are (strengths and weaknesses). What a huge risk it is to be vulnerable but that is what love is, a risk - one that is worth it. Without being vulnerable we can never ascertain the depth of people's love for us. Remember everyone loves it pretty but very few love it 'ugly' and 'ugly' can only be seen when people choose to be vulnerable. But make no mistake, even that 'ugliness' could become so beautiful to some...

There can't be depth without vulnerability because vulnerability leads to depth. When weaknesses or 'ugliness' are seen and accepted then begins the journey to depth. We lose out on a lot when we build and maintain those high walls that prevent our loved ones from coming in. Remember that even the strongest of us needs help.  While it's tough and a huge risk to be vulnerable with others, the payoff is huge when accepted because love found on the other side of vulnerability is second to none. A love that will stand the test of time. 

That said, being vulnerable takes time...consistent baby steps will get you there. Remember if your vulnerability is unappreciated, it is a reflection of the weakness of the other person not yours because it takes tremendous courage to be vulnerable. 

What do you think?

Adigwe Jude

Image Credit: Google Images

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