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When She Becomes Indifferent

'Whatever!' Well, many might consider that exclamation as indifference but if you understand women well enough, you'd know that most times that utterance indicates a veiled or disguised care and interest -- it still leaves some room for a possible reconciliation, maybe a truce. But seriously, when she becomes indifferent, she wouldn't give two hoots if you jump off a cliff. Her reaction is emotionless. She's cavalier. 

Indifference doesn't happen overnight, it builds up overtime. She's complained time and again yet you don't take her seriously. She's expressed affection so many times  yet you don't appreciate her love overtures neither do you reciprocate.  She's requested for something (which you are in a position to give) over and over but you say never...she's going to get tired and eventually slip into indifference.

When she becomes indifferent, winning her back is like starting all over. It might even be more difficult than your first toasting session. You'd need to prove why you deserve a second chance.  You may talk till the cows come home and she might still not budge. It's going to take some tact -- a fine blend of logical and emotional appeal sprinkled with some patience -- you cannot rush this process. When you do win her back, endeavour to avoid those things that made her indifferent in the first place -- don't let lightening strike the same place twice. 

Image Credit: Google Images 

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